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As per Govt notification, w.e.f. 1st June 2016, Krishi Kalyan Cess will be levied @ 0.5% on Term Plan & ULIP Charges and 0.0625% for RenewalPremium of endowment plans. Click on link to know more.



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Life Insurance

While income, expense,  investments and liabilities form the four pillars of any financial plan, its success actually depends on the ability to manage these well. This is where Life Insurance forms a critical part of any financial plan. Life insurance is a long term product that provides you the benefit of compounding while ensuring that your loved ones are taken care off. Remember, more than the amount saved it is the rhythm of savings that helps you realize your dreams faster. Life Insurance in a way, forces you into a steady habit of savings. It also helps you and your family meet unexpected financial liabilities due to lifetime events.

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Health Insurance

When we are young, we strive to fulfill our dreams. However, with today's changing and highly stressed lifestyle, a large portion of our savings gets diverted towards increasing healthcare costs. Health insurance provides us the financial security to meet various health related emergencies without depleting our hard earned savings. It helps provides a safe and secure balance of adequate health care while maintaining financial security - today and tomorrow. Health insurance plans insure you against several illnesses. They protect your peace of mind, get rid of worries about treatment expenses, and allow you to focus on important things, like getting better.

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Financial Planning

All of us have plans, dreams and goals - be it for our retirement or children's education. However, what most of us don't have is a plan of how to achieve these goals. This is where Financial Planning comes in. It is a process through which we can chart a roadmap to meet expected and unforeseen needs in our life. It is the process of identifying, planning for and meeting your life goals such as buying a house, savings for your child's education etc., through the proper management of your finances. A financial plan is similar to a budget that allocates income to various types of expenses and also reserves a part of it for short term and long term savings.

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Savings And Investments

Each of us aspires to own a house, dreams of exotic overseas vacations, wishes to secure our family against financial uncertainties. Although courage and hard work play a great role in helping us achieve our dreams; money is an equally important ingredient. But with inflation rising continuously, how do we ensure that we have sufficient money to fulfill our dreams? The answer is clear – through regular and systematic savings. There is always a substantial difference in the wealth of people who start saving early through a systematic financial plan as compared to those who delay. It is always important to start early, save regularly and think long term.

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Retirement Planning

The best years of ‘Life' ought to be your retirement years. You have worked hard all your life, and deserve the best things in life in these golden years. Retirement planning helps you set-aside money in your prime years when you are generating income and enjoy a healthy lump sum or a steady income in your retirement years. It helps you avoid a dramatic hit to your lifestyle post retirement and provides financial protection to your dependents. There are several retirement policies, under which you can choose the age at which you wish to retire, and the premium you invest towards your retirement. They also provide you tax benefits and appreciated capital. 

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         IRDAI clarifies to public that
  •  1. IRDAI or its officials do not involve in activities like sale of any kind of insurance or financial products nor invest premiums.
  •  2. IRDAI does not announce any bonus.
  •  3. Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint along with details of phone call, number.