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Basic Learning

If you are an employee of IndiaFirst, a customer or are just curious to know about the concept of Insurance, we offer you the Basic learning course. We're here to boost your progress toward your goals with a wide selection of insurance knowledge and soft skill training. It gives you an insight into the culture and values of IndiaFirst Life Insurance Co Ltd. as well.

Each chapter is based on learning practices and is developed to help you in your day to day activities. 

For you as a customer, it is important to know the basics of Insurance and our wide range of offerings that you can choose from. Basic Learning also gives you an understanding of the process that we follow to serve you. 

The basic learning training modules also aims to improve efficiency and productivity of employees.

The instructional design is simple, clear and very easy to understand. You will be able to use the self-directed learning technique to enhance your skills and even develop more proven methods to increase your professional efficiency.



Introduction to Insurance

The life insurance landscape of India is detailed along with the basics of insurance and the different types of insurance products.


Benefit Illustration,EMS,LMS and PTS

The workflow, process and stages involved in various systems used by the employees of the company are explained. eg.BI, EMS, LMS and PTS.


Claims Management

Understand and identify different types of claims, the process and documentation required for settling the same.


Complaint Handling

The key elements of proper customer care and our complaint handling process have been detailed for better understanding of the sales team.


Customer Relationship Management

The relevance and importance of CRM with respect to internal and external customers is brought out in this section.


IRDAI Regulations

We explain various regulations set by IRDAI and their implications and also help you understand the Insurance Act 1938 and its provisions for insurance companies.


Know Your Company & HR Policies

You can understand our promoters, their heritage and reach. It will help you get familiar with the mission, vision and strength of our company.You will know our working hours, appropriate dress code at work, leave policy, benefits of functional/technical qualifications, separation policy and the benefits of referrals.


Financial Planning & Calculations of Returns

Insurance is an integral part of an individual's financial plan. We further explain the importance, concept and process of Financial planning.


Know your Products

The type of insurance plans that we offer as part of our product suite is detailed.


Soft / Interpersonal Skills

Soft skills and interpersonal communication are of paramount importance in day to day interactions.


Personality Development

The importance of a good personality, grooming and external appearance cannot be understated. We have explained the components of personality development.


Influence - Power of Persuasion

We have explained how persuasion can be effectively used as a form of social influence for sales and interactions.